Saturday, 6 September 2014


It exists within my soul
this tender void.
Bittersweet and charmless
a mindless

Betraying the paralysis of dogma
My grimace shining within
the paralysis of dogma.
The illiterate
straitjacket of rapture.

Who do I think I am?

Cleansing darkness
as complete as the dawn
filling my senses with
a shuddering stillness.

The faint voice of wan decay
whispers in its shroud.

You will never know!

I Wish

I wish my life was free
from sorrow’s all encroaching emptiness
gnawing hungrily at my heart

I wish my life was free
from self-doubt’s sneering voice
calling from the coward’s lair

I wish my life was free
from insecurities clawing need
hiding behind the Phoenix shroud

I wish my spirit could soar
swirling on the breath of life
dancing with my kin unbound

I wish I was no longer shackled
by moribund tattered ashes  
cloying grasp on my soul


I see someone staring back at me

face weathered by life's tumultuous turns.

Ancient visage of promise devoured,

riven with fissures torn deep with haunted memory.

A mirrored Golem that resembles me

eternally shrouded by the silvered glare.

I find my eyes tethered amidst the maelstroms stare.

As my Basilisk gaze gathers intensity,

held by that unknown grasp.

Contorted blemishes distort the silent image,

creating a morass of swirling Rorschach hieroglyphs.

Pleading eyes devoid of hope return my gaze

past life scoured of emotion

 by the wanton carnage

of disparate circumstances subtle corruption.

Gloating at my existence.

Fleeting reflected spectral forms,

scatter across the inverted portal.

Gathering within my reflected sorrow

a choir of sorrow raising song,

dispensing melancholic platitudes.

To taunt

To chide

To drive

the mire of my despair

into this world.