Friday, 20 December 2013

Sorry My Love

Eyes twinkling
with mischievous abandon
glistening through dark tussled hair
So much life
 masking so much pain
taking me to task

Moist, sensuous smile
so easily summoned
accentuating the lips curve
ripe with laughter, just moments away
So much life
 masking so much pain
taking me to task

Gazing upon such natural beauty
unadorned within its glory
feeling such tender love
makes my soul soar
So much life
 masking so much pain
taking me to task

Basking within the caress
of my loves sweet embrace
salves the pain of male stupidity
Avowing silently
my soul mate
my lover
my life
your eyes shall never

mask such tragic pain again.



Who would know
the earth shattered home.
Weeping Gaia's tears!

Instantaneous rapture
phantasm of gossamer light.
Surging within nights scented world.

Long, so long ago
loneliness wanders
unfettered by social prattle.
Weeping Gaia's tears!

The black shod crow observes
relishing desolation's
glistening tears
moisten crowded ashes.



Leaves fall,
tawny hued litter of the path
poignant memory of summers warm caress.


Leaves fall,
tears flowing down the dryads cheek
mourning years glacial progression.


Leaves fall
pennants of arboreal magnificence
surrendered to autumns chill.


Leaves fall,
tattered corpses shrouding the earth
clawing at the unwary soul.


Leaves fall,
entombed within the hoar frosts grasp
seeking gentle oblivion.



Wednesday, 30 October 2013


The remnants of subtle hue
clothing that intimate ego
wishing for dawns sword
scythe my terrors away!

I yearn.

Gazing within
the yawning chasm of loneliness
retreating before
days returning joy.

I don the shield
fey touch comforting
slight hesitance
shivering along my arid lips

Day is here
light floods through
an azure vista
soaring without


I'm a passenger
stranded within this vehicle!
The world at the wheel
empty hollow sockets
guiding indistinct quests.

I'm a passenger
the road bends ahead,
yet faster!
Blind ambition
even faster!

Smashing through barriers
brakes forlornly shriek
people wantonly scream.

I'm a passenger
the corners retinue
awaits our fiery adieu
bending ever tighter
oblivion's smile beckons alluringly
still faster!

Eternal Quest

Our first chance encounter
a sultry night of warm embrace
Entering my life, in that langourous manner
shining bright for all to see
then hidden away like a guilty child
Skulking in the dark

Years spent in the shadow of loneliness
nothing without you!
Will I spend the aeons as half a soul?
Pondering fates churlish whim

Darkness gives way to dawns smile
I see your hesitant return
stained by wordly sorrows
Shock forces the succinct gasp!
as you embrace my soul once more
seeking out the shadow self
guiding it towards your incandescent self

Forever seeking that unique creation
souls conjoined
within the sphere of understanding
would that our eyes were opened 

Solstice Dawn

With the sun at its peak
dawn breaking over the virgin morn'
promise untold
awaiting discovery.
The very core of my existence
yearning for dreams
to wake into fulfillment.

To long have I spent
wandering the empty dark.
The love I have inside
witheld by a gossamer shield.
Unable to flow
on that gentle tide.

Grant me my simple wish
that my life
be as the sun dawning
Spreading warmth
and happiness
from my tender gaze!

Summers breath

Summers breath
caresses my heart, enveloping swollen thoughts
emotional platitudes
receptivity denied.

Enter my sweet
succumb to folded veils
shielding sacred sounds
secreted from profane eyes.

Perfumed splendour

Take heart
life becomes one
liberal scent of morning hue
sheltering within
stunted primal shriek

Needs must!

Desire sparks, boiling and churning
sensuous thoughts follow
scurrying, scampering within.
Tempestuous impulse
searching for the crescendo
strive towards the arousing
fleeting touch of the divine!

Waking the flame, held gently!

Fear not the crashing thunder
perpetual momentum builds
nadir to zenith, within a flash.
Tipping point, zero point
unspoken heartfelt breath.
Do you accept that
rapturous humble need?


Darkness prowls
scratching at hopes fragile barriers
Deepening footsteps
treading the perimeter of consciousness
Parrying with such pathetic defences
Walls closing in
crushing my heart as they implode

There is no hope
all is lost!
There is no light
all is lost!

Feasting upon my soul
stuck within its stony grasp
Fibres of my being
torn apart by cruel incisors
Surrender to the crawling dark
relinquish life
Surrender to omnipotent despair
relinquish light

There is no hope
all is lost!
There is no light
all is lost!

I depart


was dark
no light for eternity.
I climbing down?
falling up?

Without warning
three beacons stole into view
Urdhr, Verdhandi, Skuld
the sisters
Wyrd yet wonderful.

They bathed me
in the light of understanding.
They bathed me
in the knowledge of
All father
setting my feet upon the path of understanding!


in his world of horrors.
prey to his fears.

No sun for him to see
no moon to light the night.
Primeval darkness
encircles his soul.
Primeval fear
grasps his timid heart.

He sees no love
sees no concern!
Motionless upon the edge of the void.


An embrace away from light.
Coursing despair blinds his eyes.
Unseeing he falls from the edge
unseeing he feels the vacuum of the void rush past.
For eternity.