Friday, 20 December 2013

Sorry My Love

Eyes twinkling
with mischievous abandon
glistening through dark tussled hair
So much life
 masking so much pain
taking me to task

Moist, sensuous smile
so easily summoned
accentuating the lips curve
ripe with laughter, just moments away
So much life
 masking so much pain
taking me to task

Gazing upon such natural beauty
unadorned within its glory
feeling such tender love
makes my soul soar
So much life
 masking so much pain
taking me to task

Basking within the caress
of my loves sweet embrace
salves the pain of male stupidity
Avowing silently
my soul mate
my lover
my life
your eyes shall never

mask such tragic pain again.



Who would know
the earth shattered home.
Weeping Gaia's tears!

Instantaneous rapture
phantasm of gossamer light.
Surging within nights scented world.

Long, so long ago
loneliness wanders
unfettered by social prattle.
Weeping Gaia's tears!

The black shod crow observes
relishing desolation's
glistening tears
moisten crowded ashes.



Leaves fall,
tawny hued litter of the path
poignant memory of summers warm caress.


Leaves fall,
tears flowing down the dryads cheek
mourning years glacial progression.


Leaves fall
pennants of arboreal magnificence
surrendered to autumns chill.


Leaves fall,
tattered corpses shrouding the earth
clawing at the unwary soul.


Leaves fall,
entombed within the hoar frosts grasp
seeking gentle oblivion.