Wednesday, 17 February 2016


I cannot comprehend why anyone would mourn my passing
The black hole that takes the joy from others lives
The virus stealing inside your shell to destroy your heart
A futile existence as a parasite
Leeching from those who stand too close
The shadow that haunts the periphery of your vision
Taunting the world with each breath I steal
In the cloying darkness
 Sheltering from the pulsars glare

Chill light reflecting from my exits key
The glistening alluring edge
Keen to tear my skin asunder
A momentary gasp of fear
As I accept the blades clawing edge
 Heart beats belching its crimson poison
Each beat slightly slower
Each beat slightly less frantic
The vomited crimson stain is spent
I am free from this torturous pain at last

I cannot comprehend why someone would mourn my passing