Monday, 28 December 2015

Dancing in the light

I spun round, dancing with manic desire
The lady dancing her eternal dance
 Behind her scattered veil of clouds
Lunatic disjointed motion
The dervish mind took hold
Faster I span
Rotating, pivoting on my worldly axis
Become the axis Mundi
Become the centre of the universe
The stars and the moon
Spinning around my revolving mind
Faster I span
My eyes transfixed by Lunar beauty
Bathing within her argent splendour
Arms spread to feel reality
Sweat tracing it's meandering arc
Rhythmic  breathing as I chanted
Faster I span
The wordless evocation of powers
Past present and future
Maid, Mother and Crone
My past, my future
Scattered for those who understand
Faster I span
I danced for them, that I see their hearts
I danced for those that see no more
I danced for those that are yet to be born
I danced for myself

I danced for you

Monday, 3 August 2015


You took my heart & soul
For safekeeping within your eyes so deep
I promised to keep you safe
From this evil wicked world

Walks and chats and chasing cats
You listened to my thoughts
And in return all you asked
Was fussing and my time

Playing fetch and chasing cats
Then sitting by my side
Letting me know that pure love
Only dogs can provide

We grew old together
Both grey around the muzzle now
But in our hearts still young
Still chasing cats and having chats

Until that fateful day
Your time here was spent
I held you one last time
As you passed to that great park in the sky

Farewell my friend
My companion, my confidante
We will meet once more of that I’m sure
I miss you Benny
With all my aching empty heart

Black Shuck

I ran that night
Run and run and run
Running as a startled hart
Screaming with agonized joy
Those eyes of darkest red
Penetrating the abyss of my soul
Black Shuck will hunt me down
Each night for eternity

Run and run and run
Futile flight towards fevered sanity
Those eyes of darkest red
Peering from the haunted lighthouse
Obscuring the hidden shoals
Luring me towards my inevitable demise
Black Shuck will devour my soul
Each night for eternity

Run and run and run
Aching senses massaged by raking claws
Those eyes of darkest red
Casting their errant shadow
Insidious barbs
Caressing my haunted psyche
Black Shuck will obliterate my mind
Each night for eternity

Run and run and run
Seeking solace within my shattered heart
Those eyes of darkest red
Spewing the venom
Of intrinsic self-hate
The acrid burning of my soul
Black Shuck will feed upon my essence
Each night for eternity

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I don't

don’t feel 
 the sun  
caress my skin  
the subtle tang of summer  
 upon the sylvan canopy 

 don’t feel 
 the wind 
 haunt my eyes 
grazing the autumnal sphere 
 phantoms on my scented brow 

 don’t feel  
the frost 
 cloud my thoughts 
winter motes captured  
fractal form amidst the dark 

 don’t feel 
 the blossom  
taunt my  crown 
teasing vernal delight 
snagged by foretold ending