Monday, 28 December 2015

Dancing in the light

I spun round, dancing with manic desire
The lady dancing her eternal dance
 Behind her scattered veil of clouds
Lunatic disjointed motion
The dervish mind took hold
Faster I span
Rotating, pivoting on my worldly axis
Become the axis Mundi
Become the centre of the universe
The stars and the moon
Spinning around my revolving mind
Faster I span
My eyes transfixed by Lunar beauty
Bathing within her argent splendour
Arms spread to feel reality
Sweat tracing it's meandering arc
Rhythmic  breathing as I chanted
Faster I span
The wordless evocation of powers
Past present and future
Maid, Mother and Crone
My past, my future
Scattered for those who understand
Faster I span
I danced for them, that I see their hearts
I danced for those that see no more
I danced for those that are yet to be born
I danced for myself

I danced for you